Who Are We?

Mission Statement

Hawaii is paradise, but not for homeless cats. Our mission and purpose is to rescue abandoned, injured, special needs, and homeless cats on our Hawaiian islands, and to provide urgent medical care. Our volunteers fight daily to save them from euthanasia due to overpopulation and lack of resources. Our goal is to advocate awareness, educate, save cats from harsh conditions in the wild, TNRM, adoption, foster care and networking.

Maraya P.

Founder of RHK

I founded Rescue Kitties of Hawaii in 2021, though I have been actively rescuing cats and kittens in Hawai’i since moving here three years ago.

I am originally from Boston, MA, and from a very large, animal loving Italian family, I learned at a very young age to value life – ALL life. I wasn’t looking for cats, but in my younger years, three strays found me. My original three beloved rescue kitties rescued me. In honor of the incredible love they brought into my life, I have been devoted to helping other kitties in need ever since.

Rescue is my passion. It’s very hard and demanding, but it is not work because it’s who I am. I have volunteered in rescues for decades, and have worn many hats while doing so. From volunteering at various rescues and adoption centers, to coordinating fosters, volunteers, and adoptions, to transporting cats all over the mainland, and to being a board member for multiple rescues. I always jump in anywhere I’m needed most to help kitties and help them find amazing furrever homes.

Upon moving to Moloka’i, I became a volunteer at the Aka’ula Cat Garden and spent countless hours socializing feral kittens so they could be adopted. When I moved to Oahu, I quickly learned that the cat population here is completely out of control, resources are slim-to-none, and rescue work NEVER sleeps.

My ultimate goal is to find all of our Hawai’i kitties safe, loving, indoor homes! To do this, my focus is on building a solid foster base here, as well as a network with other reputable rescues on the mainland to get our kitties shipped out. This gives them the best possible chance at a better life and permits us to continue saving more kitties that so desperately need help.