Looking at flying your feline friend? Finding the necessary information can be daunting. Sadly, too many cats get left behind when their families move away from Hawaii, as a lot of people assume the process is too expensive or intensive. The information below should answer the most common questions, but feel free to reach out to Rescue Kitties of Hawaii if you need more help!

Click here for rabies, health certificate, and quarantine rules for entry into each state and foreign country.

In-Cabin Pet Travel
Depending on the size of your animal, you may be able to take them in the plane cabin. Always ask for a private screening room when you get to the TSA line so your cat doesn’t escape in the airport, they will inspect the soft sided carrier your cat is in.

See the following links for airline specific guidance:

Pets as Checked Baggage or Cargo
Checked baggage means under the plane, but not cargo. The kennel goes with you to the gate and is inspected and loaded onto plane. Do not let the inspection take place in an open area. Always insist on a room and don’t take no for an answer. Cargo also means under the plane, but kennel drop off is at the cargo hold which is different to the gate area. The only airline that inspects cargo kennels is Hawaiian. Again, if that happens you need to insist on a room for the inspection or the cat can escape.

See the following links for airline specific guidance:

Here are some airline approved items to help prepare you for your cat’s departure: