Rescue Kitties of Hawaii

Hawaii is paradise, but not for homeless cats.

Medical Funds Needed

 Recently, our intake for cats in need of emergency care has almost doubled. These cats are given the best and full medical care possible. We are so grateful for everyone’s help to save their lives. You can understand how very expensive this is. The costs for these current medical bills is extremely high.

At present, our intakes are closed as we cannot take in any more cats until all current vet medical bills are paid for.

We are reaching out and asking our community for help so we can open up our intakes again and continue to save more precious lives. Thank you.


RKH receives 100% of
funds donated via Zeffy!

Cat shot in both legs reunites with Makaha owner

Read the story of Miss Bobbi, a gentle and sweet cat who was shot through both of her back legs. Her owner couldn’t afford the multiple surgeries she needed, so RKH stepped in to fundraise, she has almost fully recovered, and was just reunited with her best friend!