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Cat shot in both legs reunites with Makaha owner

Read the story of Miss Bobbi, a gentle and sweet cat who was shot through both of her back legs. Her owner couldn’t afford the multiple surgeries she needed, so RKH stepped in to fundraise, she has almost fully recovered, and was just reunited with her best friend!

Oahu rescue steps in after 10 kittens found deserted

Ten neonate kittens found stranded in a box on Sand Island, with clear evidence that they were ripped from their mom right after being born.

Pacific Air Cargo Is the ‘Cat’s Meow’ of Kitten Shippers in Hawaii

Pacific Air Cargo (PAC) has again stepped up to assist one of Hawaii’s most active pet rescue organizations, Rescue Kitties of Hawaii.

‘Vampire’ Kittens With Rare Condition Who Cannot Be Touched By Sunlight Get Adopted By Purrrfect Pet Parents

It isn’t often two cats in need of a forever home come across the perfect setting, especially when they can’t be touched by sunlight. Although the situation is as rare as their condition, they now can bask in the dusk, happy to be able to begin a journey to what, hopefully, is a long life.

Rescued 'Vampire' Kittens Who Literally Cannot Go In The Sun Are Looking For Dedicated And Loving Furrever Homes

A pair of kittens with a “Vampire disease” have a loyal team of Hawaii rescuers and caregivers seeking to shine a light on the disorder and show how devoted cat lovers can give them a long life.

Wounded Cat With Debilitating Disease Asks Humans For Help And Risks Life To Protect Her Babies

Mothers have a natural protective feeling for their babies. Although this may be universally understood, a mother cat from Hawaii completely redefines the concept.

Long-Lost Cat With Severely Broken Tail Rescued And Reunited With Family

Buddy, a ten-year-old kitty, was reunited with his family after being missing for over a year. He had become a resident at a Kapolei hotel until he was surrendered to RKH with medical emergencies.

Rescue Effort For Paralyzed Cat Restores Faith In Humanity As She Now Scoots Around In A Lego Wheelchair

Kona, a five-week-old kitten weighing barely one pound, was found on a bridge in Hilo, Hawai’i. She was dragging her hind legs and crying for help. She is now well on the road to recovery and living with her new forever family!